002 #concept

We'd like to try to send out a quick update every week, as not everyone is able to join the regular Hangouts. Also: have a look at the new blog of our colleagues at Open Data Zürich.

On Friday we met to talk about possibilities of wedging ourselves into the patchwork of learning, exchanging ideas of approaching employers/agencies to run workshops for our coworkers, and ways to facilitate online support for hackathons like the upcoming Atelier Open Data. We are helping to organise the Open Research Data hackdays on June 5+6, planning science data carpentry workshops, and could use your suggestions, forwards and retweets. Young Rewired State has approached us via Twitter with a challenge to participate in this year's Festival of Code. Very exciting!

Concept Paper

We started working on a paper (Drive or PDF) to summarise thoughts and work out gaps in the concept. Open questions:

  • Should we have a (social) business model, or focus on community work?
  • Is it important to have a physical base, or should we exist purely online?
  • How to find the right balance of maths/stats/compsci/IT in our model?
  • To what extent should art/creativity drive the program and outreach?
  • What should be the next steps: running more workshops, building up resources, developing partnerships, ...?
  • How to make the project more transparent, data driven, and on your agenda? (please write us if you have ideas!)

Time for the graph of the week:

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