There was a lot of inspiring content this year related to the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Public Health at the Applied Machine Learning Days conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, which I covered to some extent in my previous blog post. See also the interviews on this topic with Max Tegmark (MIT), Marinka Zitnik (Harvard), Gavin Brown (U.Manchester), Aleksandra Kovachev (Delivery Hero), and Wessel Valkenburg & Aziza Merzouki (U.Geneva) at

In roughly chronological order, my focus here is on live coverage of the A.I. & Health track organised by Elaine Nsoesie. The photo above from the startup pitch of @Retin_AI.

One of the big topics of the moment is, of course, the coronavirus outbreak.

There's definitely fuel in the fire. Let's get back into that "packed room":

If you still think human brains are best suited for all medical diagnosis tasks, think again (via @KyleTheDavid and @kklmmr).

Closing thoughts:

With best wishes to all involved. Keep me posted on any other tweets or material you'd like to share.