035 #E-0010

Looking back at the first year of E-0010, the underground digital co-creation space at the heart of Bern.

035 #E-0010

Lots of activity took place in RAUM «E-0010», the studio underneath the Effinger coworking space in Bern that I have been involved in refurbishing over the first 1010 months.

We are now comfortably settled in: Jonathan and Fabian have joined me as regular coworkers, each of us with fixed desks at the back. We brought in new equipment, from 3D printers to color-graders and VR gear, and have successfully run dozens of events and activities.

Do give one of us a shout if you're passing through the area - we are located around the corner from the main train station, have a separate entrance which makes it easier to run late-nighters. Word has it, our basement even housed a theatre at some point in its history - besides working on our regular jobs, we are keen to make it one of the cultural destinations of Bern, an historic town known for its wine cellars and underground art.

Some highlights from the year behind us:

30.11. Launch of a new meetup group in Bern dedicated to the art and science of games of all shapes and sizes, analog to digital to quantum and beyond.

12.10. Getting ready for a 3D printed halloween with our kids and curious coworkers in the UG. Thanks to FabLab Bern for lending us a PrintrBot!

29.9. Our intern Yusup introduces his coworkers to Virtual Reality using his custom assembeled 3D graphics workstation and Oculus Rift headset during a Powercoders meetup.

20.9. The Swiss Cabinet elections (#Bundesratswahl) are all the excuse we need to put something on the big screen and get together for some politics live from the underground.

8.9. Our Demonights are a chance to experience some mindbending and jaw-dropping special effects from the wizards of computer graphics. Three of such well attended electronic arts events took place at E-0010 this year.

30.6. Several of us work on Python projects at Effinger, and support the Swiss Python Summit and the Bern Python-Django User Group, which we hosted to talk about the friendliest programming language in good company.

20.6. With Effinger Goes Underground we publicly announced our project and went live with the new space!

More happenings from the Effinger 2017 Twitter timeline:

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