-0010 #effinger

-0010 #effinger

E-0010 (-0b10 or -2 in binary) is a proposed underground space and laboratory for digital arts & crafts in Bern. Co-creation and artistic residencies at the interface of machine learning and data culture, workshops and hackathons, catering to a diverse public interest in computing and programming, communications, privacy and security - supporting generative, transmedial, eclectic and visionary E-projects.

keywords = [ grounded nonvirtual constraints pseudorandom immersive public communal tech interdisciplinary multimedia installation interactivity ]

soda.camp has been a bridge for interesting activities, great projects. We are looking for ways to concentrate our learnings, people and directions: drawing some from the lines of thought already charted, others from fantastic new dimensions. Together with new and old friends we are starting a campaign for a digital existence lab, as community space in Bern, Switzerland where we can meet and collaborate in furthering digital and data literacy, working in tandem, and co-creating visuals, data and other content.

We are inspired by MuDA, Dock18, HeK, OxHack, C-base, SFPC, and many other hackerspaces and makerspaces. We can follow their example. We can carve out our own path. We can get support and bootstrapping. We can work together, to keep the concept well founded and rooted in simple, universal principles. Think well grounded, over and above virtual. Constraints over randomness. A public space instead of national programs. Communal responsibility. Local results.


Highlighted in pink to the left side of the image above, is a 100 m2 room in the basement of Effinger.ch with all the amenities needed for an underground studio or club, located a 5 minute walk from the main train station in Bern. There are two separate entrances into the space: to the side of the building, and through the Kaffeebar. This project started as a response to a call for proposals for possible uses, as the Effinger community extends itself upwards and downwards.


For the past year, spun out of the idea of launching the School of Data in Switzerland, we have been supporting a broad range of activities related to data literacy and data arts as documented on this blog. With the goal of bringing together diverse viewpoints and coming up with creative programs, we have built up an interest group, conducted a number of workshops and events.

The group that has formed around this initiative, its experience - as well as that of connected communities with interest in digital art around Bern - could provide initial support. Initial funding possibilities include Impulsbeiträge für digitale Kulturvermittlung (Canton of Bern) and Migros Kulturprozent Förderbeiträge

We are inspired by last year's campaign of muda.co, the Museum of Digital Art in Zürich (image above) - and, of course, the crowdfunding campaign that launched Effinger itself. We are working with and seek guidance and collaboration with such institutions that supporting data art and culture around the world.

It is critical that this project stays closely rooted in the Effinger values, and involves as many people as possible from the local community in Bern. Please join us in this campaign, and let us know which of these possible uses for the space you would like to support:


A bunch of ideas for activities that could take place at E-0010 - share your own via Slack.

![](https://people.cs.uct.ac.za/~mkuttel/vis%202/images/ADTA-Kiosk.jpg) ###Interactive Gallery of data art and infojournalism, visualisations on current topics set up to be accessible for a wide audience.


Generative code art, demoscene / multimedia production, video jockeying.


Expansive videographic experiences with projection mapping and 360° surround sound.


Anechoic chambers* for recording sounds, or spending some quality time in silence.


Sun lamps, light therapy*, LED arrays, light installations, operating room like focus on the task.


Dynamic ambiance, reactive music, motion capture, silent disco, rock and roll.


From retro arcades to alpha-release indie games, celebrating and promoting electric playfulness.


Blurring the physical artefacts of our existence with 4D+ virtual reality experiences.


Exhilarating workshops and data dives, teamwork and creative initiatives in small groups.


Coder Dojo, mentorship, repetition and skill building in a big friendly sandbox.


Hackathons, bootstrapping and project acceleration.

###Hackerspace Tinkering, rad experiments, rapid prototypes, fabrication and DIY culture.

)( inspiration )(


The first bar dedicated to eSports and geek culture in Switzerland.

A Very Different Kind of Immersive Art Installation

The pieces in teamLab’s “Living Digital Space and Future Parks,” in Menlo Park, involve light, sound, video, digital sequences and virtual-reality environments.

Retune Festival 2016

The Retune Festival transforms a school building from the past into a playground of the futures. The space will be turned into experimental design studios, workshops, lecture halls, and offline chatrooms.


"for me, such a new place would make most sense for showing, performing and reaching-out. at the same time it could be an accessible place to create, meet, talk about projects, demos - and last but not least, a place to meet people with their ideas and visions. a clever and multi-purpose usage of the space will definitively result in cross-over ideas and projects"

--unlock / Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur

"Hi there! I would love to help you with your project."

--sodabot / a Hubot


Please help us get this project promoted by sending in ideas, commenting on the forum, or just sharing this post with people who could be involved. We NEED your help with:

  • research, promotion and project planning
  • help starting campaigns and running the space
  • renovators, indoor lighting and other specialists
  • artistry, engineering, first participants

...Something else? Join us on the sodacamp team chat to contribute:

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